I Used To Sell Mixtapes, But Now I Still Doooooo (I Used To Rock Them Tapes)

The #SleezbagMekalekTape dropped in August, and I'm still not cringing when I listen to this thing, which means I can now write about how proud I am of it. Sam got in touch with me years ago, when I was still in LA, and asked if I was interested in putting together this tape he was working on.  So, of course, we proceeded to build something completely new from the ground up.

Every verse on here was done exclusively for this tape.  Sam and I picked the beats, ran them by the MC, and even though those carefully cultivated beats were occasionally completely ignored, the soundscape remained in tact: late-90's/early 2000's rawness.
This tape took FOREVER, and I've never done a mixtape like this before, with scratch sentences in between damn near every song.  It's all blended seamlessly like a "real" mixtape should be. 
Many have already called this a classic, so you should probably listen to it. Forrealz.