Blind Barber is Bada$$

This is brandy ("I Wanna Be Down") new basement rawness, produced by the kid Rodney Hazard, and featuring NYC's golden-era child, Joey Bada$$.  Oh yeah, and I'm doing the cuts on this one.  My main mellow Andrew Kelley at Blind Barber Productions called me up and asked me to do something for the hook and breakdown--preferably a line from Buckshot of Black Moon.

Now I'm not the one to brag, but I'm pretty sure that I found the best possible line that could be cut in a Joey Bada$$ song…AND it's a Buckshot line.  Check this knocker out and for sure be on lurk for Rodney's album called "Victim Volunteer" as well all other music from Blind Barber Productions; they might be my favorite new people movin' the movement.