"His name is Matthew Katz, and he likes to scratch."


Baby Mek.


Born in Rhode Island, USA, Matt began having dreams of making mixtapes during his early teen years. This, of course, coincided with the start of some other kinds of dreams if you know what I'm saying. Nonetheless, being the persistent kid that he was, the young Mr. Katz managed to corral his pubescent energy, and began teaching himself hip-hop mixing techniques using only the audio from cassette tapes as his guide.  He started with a Radio Shack DJ mixer and one ancient, long-forgotten turntable that he found in a bin of his parents' junk.  Seven years, and about 20 mixtapes later, his mixes were being sold in stores.

Matt's bedroom studio during his radio days.


The buzz from his mixtapes lead to the realization of another life-long dream: radio.  Mek began guesting on local radio, then eventually got his own show.  Conscious of the opportunity that this presented him, Matt decided to create an entirely new format--one that was unique only to his show. He introduced his followers to new artists, records, and ways of presenting music, while simultaneously creating an excited and loyal listenership that made his show the most popular one on the station.


The Time Machine boys.


During this time, as most DJ's do, Mek was learning how to make his own music.  This journey eventually lead to the formation of a group that would open a number of doors for him.  As the DJ, one of the main producers, and a founding member of the group, Time Machine, Matt was able to make use of everything that he had been learning and practicing over the years.  The T.M. boys then moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue their collective dream.



The Glow-in-the-Dark Records logo.


Established in Rhode Island, and taken with them to California, Glow-In-The-Dark Records was formed by Matt and his long-time friend/co-member of Time Machine, Jason (aka Jaysonic).  The goal was to put out music that they both really believed in.  It was a labor of love, and endless lessons in business. Matt held many hats in this endeavor: C.F.O., radio promoter, engineer, executive producer, producer, mixing engineer, live show DJ, studio DJ, envelope stuffer, merchandise shipper, and you name it, etc...



Matt's current studio.


As a DJ and producer, Matt has toured the world and performed at hundreds of shows--from multiple tours in the United States, to the UK, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, and Japan.   He has seen his productions featured in hit television shows like "Gossip Girl" and "Friday Night Lights". He did scratches throughout the score of the Hollywood movie, "Street Dreams", and walked the red carpet at its premiere.  His beats and scratches have been featured on CD, vinyl, and digital releases all over the world.  He has gotten to work with so many artists that he grew up studying and appreciating, like Wu-Tang Clan, Edo G., Masta Ace, People Under The Stairs, AZ, Greg Nice of Nice & Smooth, and Ghostface Killah.